Jacques Guillaume, Real Estate Broker, MA, GRI, CIPS: Certified International Property Specialist in Florida & Haiti

Solstice Realty has all the appeal and proximity of a local realtor, but with the experience of a global realty giant! We will guide you through every aspect of the purchase, sale, leasing and management of residential real estate in Florida & Haiti.

Your local realtor since 2004, Solstice Realty provides that "hometown" know-how you won't find anywhere else.  All of our realtors live in the area, and are experts at answering any questions you may have about the community. Whether you're moving out, moving in or just moving on, let us help you find the property that exceeds your demands.

The Broker at Solstice Realty

You can learn a little about our experienced Realtors right here. We look forward to earning your business with you. So, call or email us. We would love to hear from you.

Real Estate Broker


Jacques Guillaume

Real Estate Broker, MA, GRI, CIPS

CIPS: Certified International Property Specialist

Bio: I have been in the real estate business as a licensed realtor since 2004. After living in Jacksonville for almost two decades, I am very familiar with the market area and its many quirks. I love helping people find the property that suits them best, and there's nothing more rewarding to me than a satisfied customer.

As an adjunct instructor, I facilitate computer information systems classes for some major universities in Jacksonville.

Phone:  904 886-3100 & 904 386-1726 Cell

E-mail: myrealtor@solsticerealty.net

Ms. Cassandre E. Charles


Ms. Cassandre Erica Charles, 

(904) 962-1149

Email: erica@solsticerealty.net

Mr. Delouis Cadet


Delouis Cadet, Realtor

Contact: 904 442-4760

Email: cadet.delouis@solsticerealty.net

Mr. Gerilet Fanord


Gerilet Fanord, Realtor

Contact: 904 600-8105

Email: gfanord@solsticerealty.net

Mr. Indigne Etienne Mr. Indigne Etienne


Indigne Etienne, Realtor

Contact: 904 405-2346

Email: ietienne@solsticerealty.net

Mrs. M. Gervelle Dantus


Mrs. M. Gervelle Dantus, Realtor

Contact: 904  535-6207

Email: gervelle@solsticerealty.net

J. Michael Paul


J. Michael Paul, Realtor

Contact: 904 254-9374

Email: jmichael@solsticerealty.net

Mr. Jonel Laguerre Mr. Jonel Laguerre


Jonel Laguerre, Realtor

Contact: 904 208-1458

Email: jonel@solsticerealty.net

Mrs. Pierreline Prinvil-Crews,


Mrs. Pierreline Prinvil-Crews, 

(904) 329-6114

Email: pprinvil@solsticerealty.net

Mr. Wilson Jeanty


Mr. Wilson Jeanty, Realtor

Contact: (904) 240-6405 

Email: wilson@solsticerealty.net 

Jacques Guillaume, Real Estate Broker Real Estate Broker

Jacques Guillaume, MA, GRI, CIPS

CIPS Certified International Property Specialist

Real Estate Broker

Transaction Broker

1) 3830 Williamsburg Park Blvd, Suite 7G

Jacksonville, FL 32257

2) #8 Delmas 19, P-au-P, Haiti

Phone: 904 886-3100

Cell:     904 386-1726

Fax:      904 886-3105

E-mail: myrealtor@solsticerealty.net

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