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Promotion Promo for the radio show on Radion Puissance Inter in Jacksonville, FL, Radio Lumiere de Tampa, and more.
Advertising.1 Creole Ad: real estate services and property management in Haiti and Florida
Theme Make an appointment with one of our realtors today and we'll tell you everything you need to know to move ahead with your plans.
Podcast Wk 1 Content: 1) Real estate news and trends, 2) Preliminary steps to invest in real estate for both first-time home buyers and investors, 3) Self-Assessment and planning
Podcast Wk 2 (English) Content: Loan pre-qualification processes with two special guests and Special loans for first time home buyer.  1) Anthony Davis, Branch Manager from Acompia Home Loans, and   2) Timothy Trumble, Media Coordinator from NACA
Podcast Wk 3 Content: 1) Homestead exemption, 2) Questions for prior show, 3) Loan opportunities for buyers, 4) Why do buyers use a realtor?
Podcast Wk 4 Content 1) Recent news and trends, 2) Answer questions from previous podcast, regarding homestead exemption, and 3) Next steps after securing a pre-qualification letter.
Podcast Wk 5 Content: 1) Seniors or baby boomers may face increasing foreclosure risk, 2) Effective communication guarantees positive results, 3) Explanation of USDA, VA, FHA, FHA 20K, H2H,... loans etc. 
Podcast Wk 6 (English) Content: 1) Conventional Loan: Fannie Mae brings back the 97% home loan with special guest, Janna Thomas, Renovation Manager, Bank of England, 2) Q & A
Podcast Wk 7 Content: 1) Renovation Loan, 2) FHA vs. Conventional Loan, 3) Credential of a realtor and real estate broker, 4) News and Scholarship Opportunity
Podcast Wk 8 (English) Content: Live Radio Interview with Mrs. Janna Thomas from Bank of England (BOE) about renovation Loan and Q & A.  Opportunities for buyers and/or investors.
Podcast Wk 9 Content: 1) Home Search, Showing & home selection endeavor, 2) Real estate transactions: Seller's Owned properties. Co-host Michael Paul. 
Podcast Wk10 (English) Content: Interview with Anthony Davis from Acopia Home Loans. Can you qualify for a mortgage after bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sale, or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure in less than 2 years? 2) Rebounding Home Buyers, 3) Short Sale, deed-In-Lieu of foreclosure, foreclosure,  deficiency Judgement, Tax Relief Act, etc.
Podcast Wk11 Content: 1) Rebounding Home buyers, 2) Contract negotiation & terminologies (foreclosure, deed-in-lieu, short sale, etc.)
Podcast Wk12 Content: 1) Contract negotiation & terminologies (foreclosure, deed-in-lieu, short sale, etc.). 2) Post contract execution's checklist, ranging from time frame for home inspection through final walk-through to being at the closing table.
Podcast Wk13 Content: 1) Pre-Closing headache & Closing Process, 2) Components of monthly payment, including CDD, 3) Components of closing costs or GFE, 4) Millage Rate, HOA vs. CDD, Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP), etc.
Podcast Wk14 (English) Content: Interview with Mr. Ira Horn & Mr. Genaro Rodriguez  from Alterra Home Loans...1) Loan for undocumented individuals by Special Guests from Alterra Home Loans: Mr. Ira J. Horn & Mr. Genaro Rodriguez, Loan Officer and National Trainer, respectively. 2) Fresh Start Loan
Podcast Wk15 (English) Content: Live interview with Mr. Ira Horn, Loan Officer with Alterra Home Loans, 1) I-TIN loan for undocumented immigrants, 2) Tips to continue improving your credit score, 3) Importance of maintaining high credit score, and 4) Qualification for other loans, like VA, FHA, Conv, USDA, etc. 
Podcast Wk17 Content: Listing agreement: put a property up for sale; how to make the property appealing to most buyers. The do's and don'ts to successful showing. We can sell your house, land, and other properties anywhere in Florida and in Haiti
Fonkoze >>> Content: Interview with Attorney Michael Fisher about Fonkoze
Podcast Wk18 (English) Content: Live Interview with Special guest, Mr. Tory Khalilzad, Sr. Mortgage Originator with Residential Savings Mortgage. Content: mortgage opportunities, different types of loans, unique services, etc.
Podcast Wk19 Content: 1) Income Producing Properties. 2) P & L, location, Pros & Cons, 3) Management and Risks.
Podcast Wk20 Content: Special Guests: Gesner Jn Philippe and Bonny Coulanges 1) Opportunities for Millennials. 2) Budgting, processes, ways to save, ways to constantly minimize your expenses, etc.
Podcast Wk21 Content: 1) Importance of having a solid budget (cont.), 2) Changes in the real estate market, 3) Most buyers are well-informed, 4) Announcement of the Brain Smart Academic Competition
Podcast Wk 23 Content: 1) Market trends & recent news. 2) Why can’t everyone be qualified for the lowest interest rate? 3) What do buyers need to know before buying a house?
Podcast Wk24 Content: 1) Issues that may jeopardize a real estate closing,  2) Importance of effective communication and trust,  3) Boomerang buyers are getting ready to jump in the real estate market, 3) recent market news
Podcast Wk25 Content: 1) Closing nightmare & Boomerang buyers, 2) Difference between PMI or MI and Hazard Insurance, 3) Homeowners Protection Act of 1998, 4) Recent News & Trends
Podcast Wk26 (English) Content: 1) Interview with Mr. Anthony Davis, Loan Officer with Carrington Mortgage Services, 2) Subject: FICO reduction on government loan programs, 3) Sellers' closing nightmare, and recent news....
Podcast Wk27 (Haiti) Special Guest: Ing. Keplert Bazelais
Content:  Real estate in Haiti: 1) Opportunities & employments, 2) Construction improvements to sustain earthquakes & hurricanes, 3) Construction and re-construction evaluation
Podcast Wk28 (Haiti) Content: Real Estate in Haiti with Special Guest: Ingenieur Keplert Bazelais. 1) Statistical data as of 2014 (USAID), 2) Real Estate in Haiti: Listing or selling Process, 3) "Mandat" or Power-of-attorney
Podcast Wk29 (Haiti) Content: Special Guest: Ing. Keplert Bazelais
Topic: Real Estate in Haiti
1) Mandat consulaire (Power-of-attorney), 2) Importance d'effectuer un contract pour la construction, 3) Importance de la Communication efficace
Podcast Wk30 (Half Haiti) Special Guests: Loan Officer Anthony Davis (Carrington Mortgages) and Ing. Keplert Bazelais (Immo Haiti).  Content: A._ 1) Changes in the mortgage industry with TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID).  2) What's in it for borrowers? Content B_1) Real estate in Haiti, 2) Contract d'Achat et processus.
Podcast Wk31 Content: Overview of the TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosure by Margy Grant (Florida Realtors vice president and general counsel) ....... Opportunities, challenges, changes in the real estate market.
Podcast Wk32 Content: Special Guest: Mr./Past Al Occy, Topic: Homeowner's insurance, the dos and don'ts, types of coverage, and more.
Podcast Wk33 Content: 1) Review of TILA/RESPA (TRID) and homeowner's insurance, 2) Continuous home improvement tips.
Podcast Wk34 Content: 1) Homeowner’s insurance, 2) Home Ownership Endeavor: the dos & don’ts, 3) Effective steps to stage your home to sell faster,... tips to make your home more appealing to prospective buyers: (HGTV: Home & Garden Television).
Podcast WK35 Content: 1) Recent market trends and news, unemployment rate, forecasts, etc. 2) How to stage your house for a successful showing,  TRID, etc. 3) Tax Codes,  Mileage Rate, and property Tax in Florida.
Podcast Wk36 Content: 1) Tips for couples who are investing in real estate, 2) Should an unmarried couple invest in real estate together (Pros & Cons), 3) Free Turkeys giveaway.
Podcast Wk37   (English) Content: 
1) Post TRID's evaluation, 2) How would Fed's increase of interest rate affect home buyers Special guest Anthony Davis, Loan Officer, 3) Tips for real estate investors
Special Guests: Bony Coulanges and Surujnarine Singh (aka VJ):
Podcast Wk38 Content: 1) TRID's post implementation evaluation, 2) Prediction that Fed will increase interest rate soon, 3) Tips for real estate investors, 4) prequalification vs pre-approval

Podcast Wk39  (English)

Content:  Tips for "residential" real estate investors. How to open a real estate business in the US. How to open an LLC or corporation. 
Special guests: 
1) Janna Thomas, Mortgage Banker and Renovation Manager
2) Real Estate Attorney Ronald Cappucio with 39 years of practice, 
3) Mr. Bony Coulanges, Tax Consultant and Director of Radio Puissance
Podcast Wk40 Content: 1) File your tax return correctly to prevent any issues when buying your future home. 2) Special guests: a) Mr. Indigne Etienne, Realtor & Tax Preparer and b) Mrs. Vania Dupont, Tax Preparer, 3) Time to file Homestead Exemption
Podcast Wk41  (English) Agenda:  1) Errors to avoid when filing your tax return, 2) Errors on your tax return that can prevent you from being able to qualify for your mortgage, 3) Special Guests: Anthony Davis (Loan Officer) and Indigne Etienne (Tax Preparer)
Podcast Wk42 Agenda: "La Vie D'une Maison" 1) Time to file your Homestead exemption, 2) Recent economic and real estate market trends, 3) Background and history home construction... Headline: 
Special Guest: Pastor Fritzner Lindor

Podcast Wk43

Agenda: 1) Overview of the US economy, 2) Leak detection,(Video from the Regional Water Providers Consortium)… leaks can account for up to 14% of the average household's water use, 3) Leak detector indicator or devices…. Pressure Gage device...                                 Special Guests: Pastor Fritzner Lindor and Mr. Rodney Robillard, Plumber
Podcast Wk44 (English) Agenda: How does Real Estate facilitate the flow of money throughout the main stream? Is real estate more affordable today? Background of the real estate market today and  30 years ago.
Special Guest: Mr. Surujnarine Singh, aka "VJ"
Podcast Wk45

Agenda: La Vie D'une Maison: Special Guest: Past Fritzner Lindor
1) Dos and don'ts when rehabbing a house inside and outside, 
2) Dos and don'ts when upgrading a kitchen, 
3) Request a permit for a home expansion, and more.

Podcast Wk46 (English)

Agenda: How Real Estate facilitates the flow of money: 
1) History of Finance from the Great Depression (1929 – 1939),
2) History & Meaning of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933
3) Impact of past regulation & deregulation in the financial market,
4) Market trends, opportunities, and challenges
Special Guests: Mr. Surijnarine Singh, aka VJ, & Mr. Anthony Davis

Podcast Wk47 Agenda: La vie d'une Maison..... Home improvements: 1) the do's and don'ts, 2) Architectural review, 2) authorization and permit
Special Guests: 1) Serge Boursiquot-Poole,  Electrical Inspector for City of Hollywood, 2) Pastor Fritzner Lindor, PDG of La Bible est La Verite
Podcast Wk48  (English)

Agenda: 1) Wells Fargo's newly launching lending program, "yourFirstMortgage" and 2) Recent market news, indicators, and trends.

Special Guest: Mr. Curtis Ford, North Florida Sales Manager/Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Podcast Wk49 Agenda:  La vie d’une maison (Life of a house), 
Special Guests: Nick Dieujuste, AC Tech, & Pastor Fritzner Lindor de La Bible est La Verite
1) Create a budget for repairs, estimate, cushion of 10% contingency...
2) Dispute resolution when subcontractors don’t get paid 
3) Subcontractor can place a lien & ways to rebuttal a lien
4) Prepare and stage the house for Sale: landscaping, front door, remove all faucets, clean, de-cluttering, odor, stop putting stuff in storage just sell those items you have not used for years, etc.
Podcast Wk50 Agenda: La Vie d'une Maison:
Agenda:  1) AC Maintenance or Service, 2) Do's & Don'ts when repairing or replacing the compressor and condenser
Special Guests: Past Fritzner Lindor and Mr. Jean N. Villanoix (AC Technician with Jacksonville Housing, City of Jacksonville) 
Podcast Wk 51 (English)

Agenda: 1) Recent News & Trends, 2) Conventional mortgage with 3% down, 3) Streamline mortgage, 4) Impact of mortgages on Wallstreet, and more.

Special Guests:

1) Mr. Wilford Fleurival, PDG de la Radio Lumiere,

2) Mr. Jeanso Delisca, a loan consultant with C2 Financial Corp

3) Mr. Anthony Davis, Branch Partner with Alcova Mortgage

4) Surujnarine Singh (mostly known as VJ)

Radio Stations: 1) Radio Puissance Inter, 2) Radio Lumiere de Tampa, & 3) La Bible Est La Verite Ministry

Podcast Wk 52 Agenda: La Vie d'une Maison
Landlord's relationship with tenants
1) Fair Housing Law, 2) Landlord's responsibilities and rights, 3) Tenant's responsibilities and rights, 4) Legal issues related to foreclosure, eviction, access to the property, etc.
Special Guest: Pastor Fritzner Lindor
Podcast Wk53 Agenda: Home inspection after hurricane Matthew
1) roof, windows, trees, fence, etc. 2) keep record of all damages, take photos, etc.
3) who is paying for hurricane damages between owner & insurance: hurricane & flood deductible, 4) who is paying for hurricane damages between owner & tenants?
Special Guest: Pastor Fritzner Lindor
Podcast Wk54 (English) Agenda: 
1) Understanding of key market indicators and their impact on real estate.
2) Consumer Confidence Index, 3) Unemployment rate indicator
Special Guests:
Surujnarine Singh (VJ) & Anthony Davis (Alcova Mortgage)
Podcast Wk55 (English) Agenda:  Mortgage Incentives for first time home buyers            
1) FHH (Florida Hardest Hit / Bond)
2) Neighborhood LIFT
3) Definition of a first time home buyer according to HUD
Special Guest: Lisa Doherty from Wellsfargo Mortgage
Podcast Wk56 (English) Agenda: Mortgage opportunities, 4.5% or $15,000 Down payment assistance, for home buyers with low credit scores.
1) Sapphire loan (580 credit scores): 4.5% down payment assistance for FHA, VA... loans for some counties.
2) Florida Bond (FHH) / FL Hardest Hit: $15000 in some counties
3) Other loans: Conventional, VA, 10% Down with low credit scores
Co-host: J. Michael Paul, Realtor
Special Guest: Sande Libert, Freedom Mortgage
Podcast Wk 57 Agenda: La Vie d'une Maison:
1) AC Maintenance or Service, 2) Do's & Don'ts when repairing or replacing the compressor and condenser, 3) Plumbing issues and maintenance
Special Guests: Past Fritzner Lindor and Mr. Jean N. Villanoix (AC Technician with Jacksonville Housing, City of Jacksonville)
Podcast Wk 58 (English)

Content:  Tax Reform Projections for 2017: 1) Related to Capital gains, Income Taxes, Corporate tax incentives, Tax loopholes, etc.  2) Future of Dodd-Frank and Banks’ regulations & Wall Street.  Special guests: 1) Mr. Anthony Davis, Loan Officer,  2) Real Estate & Tax Attorney Ronald Cappucio with 39 years of practice, and 3) Mr. VJ (Surujnarine Singh), Investor and Financial Advisor


Podcast Wk 59 (English)

Agenda: Fundraiser for the "Ecole Professionnelle de Jacmel" fondee en 1926
1) Background & Memories: the main public vocational training center
2) HAAFA's support to the project, 3) Plan of Action for the fundraiser,
4) Ministry assistance, 5) Milestones, 6) Spillover, and more

Special Guests
 Mrs. Elizabeth Lewis, volunteer/Ministry Liaison
 Paul Phillip Anglade, Volunteer/Strategic Planner (Retired Navy Officer)
 Surujnarine Singh, Volunteer/Project Consultant (Retired Navy Chief)

Podcast Wk60 (English)

Agenda for the radio show:
1) Key economic indicators, 2) Impact of rising interest rate on the real estate market. 3) What makes interest rate fluctuate? 4) Assessment of the political climate, bond market, risks of investment, the economy, taxes, etc. 5) Would interest rate go down again?
6) What is Inflation? 
Special Guests:
1) Surujnarine Singh (VJ), Finance Consultant and Investor & 
2) Anthony Davis, Loan Officer

Podcast Wk60 (Mixed Lang)

1st Segment: Teenage Delinquency, Domestic Violence, law enforcement
2nd Segment: Real Estate & Mortgage data, re-bounders, U.S. jobs data, interest rates, and more. Special Guests: 1) First Segment:: Sherley Ceinor, Founder of Sunshine Dispute Resolution and J. Carson Tranquille, Assistant Division Chief  with  JSO (Jacksonville Sheriff Office).............. 2) Second Segment: Oulovio Benjamin, Real Estate & Insurance Broker and Patrick Jimenez, Mortgage Banker

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